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Benefits of Vaccinating Badgers:

  • Results in 74% less badgers testing positive for Bovine Tb;
  • Cubs born into vaccinated groups have 80% less chance of getting Bovine Tb;
  • Only 30% of the badgers need to be vaccinated to start protecting unvaccinated cubs;
  • Reduces progression, severity and excretion of Bovine Tb in already infected badgers;
  • Vaccinating badgers does not disturb the social behaviour of badger groups. The perturbation effect where removal of badgers causes disruption and potential disease spread is avoided;
  • Reduces potential disease spread to cattle on farms where badgers are vaccinated.

The Vaccination Process:

  • Carry out a detailed survey at no cost and with no obligation.
  • We estimate the number of badgers.
  • Decision to go ahead – an application under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 to trap and vaccinate badgers is made to Natural England.
  • Once permission from Natural England is confirmed agree timescales for the following:
  1. Putting out initial bait points and cameras at key places to confirm best locations for deploying traps and to obtain an accurate picture of badger numbers – approximately 7 days
  2. Deploy and bait traps – 1 day
  3. Pre-bait the traps for a further 7 days
  4. Set traps to capture on 2 evenings and vaccinate following 2 mornings
  5. Remove and clean traps on last day of vaccination
  • A requirement of the license is to vaccinate badgers on the farm/landholding each year for at least 4 years


The money you donate will go towards the Somerset Badger Group vaccination & training programme. Currently all vaccination and training is being done by volunteers who are giving up their time for free.

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