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16 hours ago

Somerset Badger Group

A story of dedication, caring and collaboration to help a wild young animal that had a serious problem. It has a happy ending but could have been quite different.

It all started with a call to our 24/7 Badger Helpline just before midnight on the 20th June from a lady who lived in Bristol.

She was very upset because one of the three cubs which visit her garden each night with their parents had something caught round its body. There wasn’t very much we could do that night but the next day we made a plan to try and capture the cub. It was clear that whatever the cub had caught around its body would begin to cause it major issues as it grew and we needed to get it removed.

Fortuitously one of our Committee members who knows that part of Bristol very well, agreed to pick up one of our vaccination traps a couple of days later, take it to the lady’s garden and explain how she would have to set and watch the trap and manually trigger it if the right cub went inside. This would take patience as there were 4 other badgers and 4 fox cubs coming to the garden each night as well!

Very late on the third night the right cub, called Rhubarb, went into the trap but one of its siblings called Custard decided to join it. The lady decided it was now or never so triggered the trap catching both cubs. As instructed, she quickly covered the cage up, so they felt safe, and early the next morning both cubs were transported to Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

The cubs were separated, and Rhubarb was taken to Quantock Veterinary Hospital to be sedated, have the cable tie removed and checked out for any injuries. She was an incredibly lucky badger cub as the cable tie was not tight around her body and had not caused her any injuries.

She was taken back to Secret World Wildlife Rescue to join her sibling and recover from the sedation. Having had an overnight stay at Secret World Rhubarb and Custard were ready to go home that evening. They were taken back to the lady’s garden arriving just as it was dark and released safely back home by the lady and her husband.

An hour after release all three cubs were seen back in the garden again reunited.

Discarded items that wildlife can become trapped in can have fatal consequences. PLEASE remember to dispose of rubbish and unwanted items safely.

We would like to thank the owners of the garden for caring about wildlife, our experienced volunteer who facilitated the cub’s capture and transported it to get help, Secret World Wildlife Rescue for the care they gave both cubs and the staff at Quantock Veterinary Hospital for their veterinary expertise and help.
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And now for some positive news, to start the weekend on. We successfully released a badger cub near Langport earlier this week following a period of rehabilitation at Secret World.
The cub was found severely dehydrated and malnourished and without intervention it would have died.
It was released back to the natal sett/territory becoming very excited when it was placed down on the ground in a release cage near the sett.

We have another cub for release next week which is in rehab at RSPCA West Hatch.

Our 24/7 Badger Helpline is run by our volunteers to make sure any emergencies or badger related queries can be answered around the clock.
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A happy ending for this cub in Devon. ... See MoreSee Less

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“Since publishing its new strategy, the government has not announced implementing any of its planned actions. Understandable, perhaps, as the covid-19 pandemic forced the country into lockdown just 18 days after the strategy was published. Yet, since then, the government has found time to announce two new measures, and they both undermine the new strategy rather than supporting it”.
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