Badger Under a Shed

This evening we were called out to investigate a Badger under a shed. The lovely people became aware of dung pits in their garden and started to notice pieces of plastic and debris around the perimeter of their garden shed, some fresh digging of small holes, plant pots upturned and bits of moss pulled out of their lawn. One evening to their surprise they heard a noise by the cat flap outside and looked into their garden. They saw a Badger running up their path away from the house…. Don’t panic! The Badger hadn’t tried to get through the cat flap but was more inquisitive than anything else

Tonight there was no sign of the Badger under the shed and they had not seen it for a couple of nights. We gave the people some information about Badgers and advice regarding how to detect whether the Badger is still visiting their garden. We will wait to see.

The photo shows where the Badger has been digging to get under the back of the shed.