600th badger vaccinated

Somerset Badger Group vaccinates its 600th badger

500th badger vaccinated

In mid-July we kicked off this year’s badger vaccination programme by reaching the amazing milestone of vaccinating our 500th badger

Rescue of Langport badger cub

Another success thanks to the combined efforts of SBG’s rescue team and Secret World.

Is the Government betraying public trust on bovine TB policy

Badger Trust believes the government is betraying public trust on bovine TB policy. You can help by writing to your MP.

Rhubarb and Custard

The cautionary tale about a badger cub called Rhubarb
and a mishap with a discarded cable tie.


Good news for Yeovil badger cub

Good news for a Yeovil badger cub thanks to the efforts of a caring family and SBG’s rescue team.

Consultation May 20

Details of the May 2020 government consultation and the Somerset Badger Group’s response to it.

Ilminster badger cub goes home

In the evening of 9 June 2020, Somerset Badger Group released a badger cub back to its natal sett in the Ilminster area.

Chicken run badger cub rescue

In early June 2020, one of our experienced volunteers received a call about a badger cub found in an unused chicken run.

Badger rescue in a cull zone

How does being in a cull zone affect a cub rescue and release?