Secret World’s badger cub rehab programme

Supporting Secret World’s badger cub rehab programme.

Analysis of badger cull figures 2019

With the data now published, we’ve undertaken an analysis of badger cull figures for 2019.

The badger cull of 2019

For a locked-down nation in desperate need of good news, the latest information on England’s badger cull brings little respite.

Badger vaccination training

Despite the terrible weather, the two-day badger vaccination training event went ahead as planned on 24 February 2020.

REPORT BY VANESSA MASON, CHAIR – for the year ending 31st March, 2018

It has been another very busy, challenging, and sometimes sad but very rewarding year for our group. For my annual report this year I have picked out some of the key achievements and headlines for the year…

Unnecessary Killing 19,274 Badgers

The Somerset Badger Group is appalled and deeply saddened by the Government’s announcement of the unnecessary killing of 19,274 badgers across 17 areas in seven weeks…

Chair’s Report 2017

It has been another very busy, challenging and rewarding year for the group. The Committee reviewed and agreed the top priorities for the year at their first meeting…

SBG Response to DEFRA Consultation

The Government’s public consultation on the future of badger culling in areas which have already completed 4 years of culling has now ended. What they are proposing is to continue culling and issue further 5 year licences with reduced controls…

Chair’s Report 2016

Just over a year ago I took over the role of Chair, so this is my first report to you. It has been another very busy, challenging and rewarding year for the group…