Good news about a successful rescue of a Langport badger cub.

As we entered July 2020, badger cub rescues remained the order of the day.

Our volunteers received news of a cub in distress near Langport, so one of our dedicated rescuers headed out to help the young animal. This was the cub’s lucky day.

Severely dehydrated and malnourished, it would have died without intervention.

We’re fortunate here in Somerset, as there are several organisations with expertise in the care of badgers, and Secret World Wildlife Rescue was to be the destination for this youngster.

The cub’s life was undoubtedly saved thanks to the care it received at the centre, and following a period of rehabilitation, the time to go home had arrived.

At the cub’s natal territory, it clearly recognised home, becoming very excited when the release cage was placed on the ground near the sett.

Another successful rescue!

SBG volunteers man our helpline 24/7, dealing with badger related queries and responding to emergencies around the clock.